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Enroll in one of our interesting forms of training and learn more about the Dewesoft software, hardware and the industry.

Our knowledge, learning and skills make us who we are.

At Dewesoft learning is a never‐ending process. We truly believe that we need to work hard to educate our team members, partners and customers in order to pass on our knowledge to future generations.


We offer free trainings for measurement professionals and those who would like to become one. We’ve created PRO training courses in order to educate customers, partners, new employees and all team members that would like to gain new knowledge. Learn how to measure strain, temperature, how to work with Dewesoft instruments, how to use the software, and how to perform complex calculations. All is available in a single place, whenever and wherever. Visit today and start learning today.

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We maintain a clear plan of all the trainings available in Dewesoft Headquarters, Slovenia. Our In-House trainings are carefully prepared in order to suit all of your needs. Each training is adjusted to fit the needs of specific group. These trainings are all about you and we’ll keep it that way. Come to Slovenia, the core of Dewesoft and meet a great team, learn about our culture and enter the Dewesoft family.

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Need training for your team members onsite? We are happy to help! We have a great team of application engineers that can come to your company and perform training on several topics. You name it - we prepare it. It’s that easy.

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To accommodate those who wish to receive training online, we created a Webinar series with coursework on several topics. Webinars are highly interactive so you can communicate with other attendees. In addition, they are archived for your continual access.

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