FFT Spectral Analysis

Frequency analysis is just another way of looking at the same data. Instead of observing the data in the time domain, frequency analysis decomposes time data in the series of sinus waves. Fast Fourier transform is a mathematical method for transforming a function of time into a function of frequency.

Power Analysis Measurement

Power is the rate of doing work. It is equivalent to an amount of energy consumed per unit of time. The power of an electrical system is the multiplication of the voltage with the current, integrated over and then divided through the periodic time. The periodic time (equals the frequency) must be known in order to calculate the power of an electrical system

Power quality

The different power quality parameters describe the deviation of the voltage from its ideal sinusoidal waveform at a certain frequency. These deviations can lead to disturbances, outages or damages of electrical equipment connected to the grid.

Modal testing (FRF)

Modal test and analysis are used to determine the engineering structures modal parameters, such as modal frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shapes. The measured excitation and response (or only response) data are utilized in modal analysis, and then dynamic signal analysis and modal parameters identification are processed.

Order tracking

Order tracking method is used to extract the harmonic components related to the rotational frequency of the machine. Order tracking is used in the analysis of vibration signals from rotating machines. There we use order spectrum instead of the frequency spectrum. An order spectrum gives the amplitude and the phase of the signal as a function of the harmonic order of the rotation frequency.

Signal filtering

In the field of signal processing, a filter is a device that suppresses unwanted components or features from a signal. The most commonly used filters are low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop. Characteristics that describe filter are its type, cutoff frequency, order (steepness).

Fatigue analysis

Fatigue is the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loading. Continued cycling of high-stress concentrations may eventually cause a crack which propagates and results in leakages. This failure mechanism is called fatigue.

Human vibration

Human vibration is defined as the effect of mechanical vibration of the environment on the human body. During our normal daily life, we are exposed to various sources of vibration, for example, in buses, trains, cars. Many people are also exposed to other vibrations during their working day. Those vibrations have to be monitored and are defined by standards.

Sound level meter

Sound level is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB) above a standard reference level. Sound level math allows calculation of the typical parameters for sound level measurements from a single microphone. It allows Dewesoft to be used as a Class I sound level meter


Balanced rotors are essential for most kinds of rotating machinery. Unbalance will create high vibrations, reducing fatigue life, causing material defects. In most cases the rotor unbalance is the major problem of vibration, it is related to the rotational frequency. The goal of balancing is to minimize vibrations related to the first order.

Rotational and torsional vibration

Torsional vibrations are important whenever power needs to be transmitted using a rotating shaft or couplings, such as in the case of automotive, truck and bus drivelines, recreation vehicles, marine drivelines or power-generation turbines. Torsional vibrations are angular vibrations of an object and rotational vibration is simply the dynamic component of the rotational speed.

Reference curves

With the reference curves, we can compare different types of signals (time domain, frequency domain) to the reference signal and see whether our signal is above or below the reference limit.


Polygon is a platform for tests involving moving objects. It was made especially for vehicle dynamic testing and advanced driver assistance systems - ADAS, which increases safety in the traffic. Polygon provides a visual representation of measurements in the three-dimensional virtual space and easy tools for geometric measurements between multiple static or movable objects. Due to it's flexibility it's not only used in Automotive, but also Marine, Heavy machinery, ...

Combustion Engine Analysis

This is a course about Combustion analysis. You will learn how to make a CA setup in Dewesoft X software to get the best results.

PID Control

This is a course about PID Control. In this course you will learn how to use the PID control math module to design a controller. Non-real-time control only!

Statistical Calculations on Sampled Data

Taking raw data measurement is often not enough to come to the wanted result, so data processing is one of the most important features that allow you to recalculate signals, filter them or make any other signal processing. This course will show you how to implement and use statistical and counting operations on sampled data inside Dewesoft X software and give you an overview of its overall purpose in data analysis.

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